Brother Scan N Cut – Direct Scan

January 9, 2014 — 63 Comments

Following on from yesterday’s blog post about the Brother Scan N Cut machine, here is a little more information about the “Direct Scan” function which takes your printed or hand drawn images and converts them into cutting files.

The Direct Scan function allows you to automatically crop out any drawn, stamped or printed image that has a solid outer edge.

This would be beneficial if you wish to make custom toppers or sentiments for your designs.

Some of the process is similar to the previous function but in the interest of clarity, I have included all steps in the following run through.

First, turn the machine on and press the Home button.

Brother Scan N Cut - Scan To Cut Data - 2

Next choose the SCAN icon.

Brother Scan N Cut - Scan To Cut Data - 3

From the three icons presenter, choose DIRECT SCAN.

You will then be prompted to load your sticky may with the design that you want to cut. (By the way, sorry the surrounding area went dark at this point but night came as I was working away and the camera just wanted to counterbalance the light from the screen).

Brother Scan N Cut - Direct Scan - 1

The first pass through the machine will scan the image. It will then give you a preview of the scanned area.

Brother Scan N Cut - Direct Scan - 2

Hit OK.

Once you have done that you will get another screen showing you the scanned image plus the cutting line overlaid on top. It is sometime a good idea to isolate an image (as shown) by dragging the handles, especially if you have a number of things on the same piece of card.

Brother Scan N Cut - Direct Scan - 3

You can now choose to add a border around the image, or ignore the direct outline and add just a basic shape around the stamped area, or leave these options deselected if you wish to cut directly on the line. I chose that on this occasion but have done both as you will see in the examples at the end of this post.

Next you go through the same cutting process as with all other options (you can also draw instead and put a border around your stamped image).

Brother Scan N Cut - Direct Scan - 4

I chose cut – and got this …

Brother Scan N Cut - Direct Scan - 6I used this process in a few of the projects recently highlighted in the project gallery that I published at the start of this week.

Here are a few examples.

Brother Scan N Cut Project Gallery - 14The bottle of champagne and the champagne flute were stamped and cut using this feature.

Brother Scan N Cut Project Gallery - 4The digi-stamp was first printed then cut (I also added a border before cutting).

So there you have it. Another unique feature of the Brother Scan N Cut machine and I haven’t had to connect it to the PC to achieve any of this.

Would this be a feature that you could use in your creative adventures?

Anyway, thanks for reading and as ever, if I haven’t explained something as thoroughly as I could, please feel free to leave comments or ask questions in the section below.

Tomorrow I’ll give you an example of Fussy Cutting.

See you then.

J :)

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63 responses to Brother Scan N Cut – Direct Scan


    Hi John can you help me please. I am trying to cut around a stamped image and when I scan the image in it just picks up little bits of the image. I cannot get it just to cut around the outside.. Ive been sat here all afternoon trying to work it out. Its driving me nuts.

    regards carol


    Hi John, great blog! I have stamped several different black images using a pigment ink onto A4, let it dry then tried to direct cut but it only picks up parts of the design in places, not the whole outline – bizarrely it differs on two of the same images, some it outlines, some it picks out a small feature. Where am I going wrong? Thanks, Angela

    Stephen Emerson August 23, 2014 at 10:35 pm

    Hi John, When I do a scan to cut, it doesn’t always pick up the outline. How can I get it to pick the outline out. the picture I am trying to do looks ok to me but not to the ScanNCut. Your Help would be much appreciated. Thanks and keep up the good work.


    Hi John I have downloaded your files(thanks you them) and some are in zip file format can I load them on to my scan and cut like this or must I open the file first.
    Thanks Lynda


    Hi John. Where can I find your Post on Files and how to use them. Edna


    I am looking to get the instruction cd for my scanncut how can I get one


    Hi John. Could you or Mel possibly consider making an Instruction CD or DVD for the ScanNCut like the one made by Haley West for the Cameo. For the more difficult and detailed functions of the Machine. That we can Purchase from you. Regards Edna


    Hi John
    Is there a way of scanning and saving something and then changing the size after you have saved it?
    Thank you


    John have recorded all your programmes and am loving my Scan n cut. Could you help me with a query? I have been using Craft Artist to produce sentiments, names etc. Having created them on one page and scanned them into the scan n cut, can I select individual names or sentiments to cut, or should I have saved each one separately? Incidentally I find the two halves of a small cocktail stick container attached with a sticky pad to the side of the machine makes great holders for the stylus and spatula, also I have put a large X in masking tape on the upper side of the protective sheet a) so I can find it once I have out it down, and b) to ensure I Lways use the same side against the mat. Can`t wait for the next programmes


      Great tips. Re your query you should be able to isolate each one using the drag handles on screen when you come to save your design. You can then keep changing area and saving without having to rescan.
      Hope this helps :)


        Thank you so much for that. I am really using my Craft Artist programme in tandem with the scan and cut ,so am used to splitting things into files.Sorry, if I`ve missed a previous question, but I noticed this week that a lot of your patterns are in files. But I can’t seem to find out how to do this can you help? Keep the programmes coming,I, like many others am gathering a great little library


        I just organised them on the computer when the USB stick was connected. Just create folders and pop the FCM files into each one – makes it easier to find them on the machine I find.

    Grace Spedding March 2, 2014 at 7:14 pm

    I have a problem with the direct cut on my machine. Every image I scan in it only picks up some of the pattern. I am then unable to cut it out because it does not pick up all the outline. Is this a machine fault or am I doing something wrong?


    after eagerly awaiting my scan and cut I received it only to be faulty.i am so upset just hope the matter is soon put right.I have bought all the accesoiries and so frustrated. I own a cricut and a silloute and had no probs.I keep watchin shows so hopefully will be able to join in the crafting soon.


    I purchased the scanncut earlier in the launch and have been eagerly awaiting delivery !!
    Will Brother be producing embossing tips in the future? I think this would be great as machine lets you flip and weld so embossing words in a different language would be easier..I hope you know what I mean…Great and Mel are brill teachers. Thank you. Mona


    hi John can you please tell me when the pen holder and pens will be available as they are sold out. I have bought the machine and cant wait to use it .


    Hi, I have this item in my C & C basket but have not yet committed to buy, can you please tell me if when you scan on this machine and want the to cut will it just cut the outside of the item you have scanned or will it cut the inside (eg: if you scanned a pic of a sandal would it cut out the inside of the straps etc, or perhaps the inside of an arm on a figure.


    Hi John, if I had a page full of the same shape i.e. a repeated set of labels, would it direct cut out each label in one go? Also, the machine takes the 12 x 24 mat but I don’t have a printer that would print that big. Can you print it out A4 and then enlarge/stretch it to the bigger size?




      Hello :)

      “if I had a page full of the same shape i.e. a repeated set of labels, would it direct cut out each label in one go?”

      Yes :)

      “Also, the machine takes the 12 x 24 mat but I don’t have a printer that would print that big.”

      I don’t think anyone does.

      “Can you print it out A4 and then enlarge/stretch it to the bigger size?”

      You can enlarge any of the pre-installed designs, or your own designs, to fit the mat that you are working with. Just remember copyrights would potentially prevent you from printing & scanning someone else’s work and storing/modifying it.

      Hope this helps.

      J :)


        Great, thanks. Another thought, if I had a shape that didn’t have a black outline but was, let’s say, a pink scalloped shape on a white background, would it still recognise the outline well enough to direct cut?


        Sorry, another question – do you think it would be possible to alter the blade pressure to cut stickers i.e. cut through the sticker layer but leave them on the sheet?


        Yes :) I have already done this with peel off vinyl sheets.

        J :)


        Brilliant – one last (!) thing – can it score lines for box making etc or would you have to go for a dashed line i.e. perforated folds?


        Neither scoring or dashed lines are currently supported on the machine. Both Mel and I are discussing this with Brother as we both see it as a very handy feature.

        J :)


        Ok, I’ve bought it and I’m very excited but I wondered if it would be possible for you and Mel to post somewhere the blade depths you have used for cutting different materials to stop the rest of us having to use so much trial and error? Obviously there would be no guarantee that they would work for us but it would give a guideline. I’m particularly interested in the stickers option…


        I will be compiling a list and putting it on the blog before the 10th of Feb.

        J :)


        Great, thank you very much for all your help


      this is a late reply to pandsdollah re 12″x24″ mat. why would you not just print 2 a4 pages and place them together on the 12×24 mat stretching it out would only enlarge the items but they would still not double the amount of may already have figured this out as i just found johns blog now.if not i hope it helps.


    Hi John Question…. If I scan in a plastic fruit bag (the kind with tomatoes in) will it cut out all the little bits?
    Many thanks
    Yvonne :-)


    Can I scan and then cut my decoupage sheets. I hate the cutting out. Have ordered by the way.

    Melinda Shepard January 11, 2014 at 7:04 pm

    I am having trouble with the scanner reading the entire image to cut with rubber stamps.I am stamping with black ink on white card stock. Any suggestions?


    Hi John. Could you please clarify – is the machine definitely still going to be available Saturday. Only said sold out yesterday (thurs). So called last night bout 6ish and customer services, after quite a confusing conversation, said it had sold out. And now this morning all items relating to SnC have completely disappeared including from tv schedule view. Just has load of paper / peel off stock against the show. Appreciate your advice. Thanks.


    I do not understand these post.


    Do we have a price yet or do we have to wait until Saturday


    The more I read, the more it is something I want to buy. Can’t wait for Saturday!


    Brilliant! This is exactly what I was hoping this machine could do. This will be so helpful for the majority of my projects. Thanks so much for this. xxx

    Patricia Roberts January 9, 2014 at 7:41 pm

    Can’t wait to see this on air , John. I’ve wanted a machine that could do this for a long time. Thanks for your posts, I always enjoy seeing what you create.


    I am interested in anything within my price level that will help me be a more accurate crafter, so I am following your log each day until it is on C and C at the weekend, so thank you for explaining this new machine


    It said it is sold out already. How can that be when it isn’t shown on tv until Saturday at 2.


      The stock will not be available until the day of the show.
      This is why the ‘sold out’ message appears.

      J :)


        Thank you. I am learning a lot already. You do it in such a clear way that I can understand. Looking forward to next blog.

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